Offering exceptional accuracy at an outstanding price point, by installing the Hades Sump Monitor into your sump you can check on live water levels and sump pump activity at any time, from any device. More importantly you will receive emergency alerts if there is a problem detected.

The innovative technology behind the
Hades Sump Monitor analyses data from your sump and sends alerts to your phone, tablet or laptop when there is :

A power failure

High water levels

Changes to normal pumping patterns

Servicing or maintenance due


Once you’ve installed and registered your Hades Sump Monitor, you can log in to your account any time at to see live, real time information transmitted from your sump.

The Hades Sump Monitor provides live readings on:


Live pump discharge rates and total pump run times

Cross section of sump activity 

Live water level data

Historic pump statistics


48-hour pumping chart

The Hades Sump Monitor software records and analyses the data collected, and sends alerts when it detects unusual pumping activity or exceptional events. This allows you time for flood prevention measures to be taken, keeping your basement dry and your property protected.