Is the Hades Sump Monitor for use in Basement sumps only?
The Hades Sump Monitor is extremely versatile and can be easily adapted to monitor groundwater on any site where active de-watering is required such as in sewer and foul sumps, temporary works and in construction where pump failure can lead to flooding. Hades can also provide bespoke water level monitoring capabilities for other sectors such as civils, flood prevention and quarrying. To find out more about Hades and how we can help you with your groundwater monitoring and flood prevention needs, just get in touch.

What do I get when I buy the Hades Sump Monitor?

When you purchase the Hades Sump Monitor you will receive the Hades Monitor box complete with 1m (3 feet 3.4 inches) power cable, 1 x pinpoint accurate sensor with mounting bracket and fastening nuts, and 5m (16 feet 4.8 inches) of sensor cable. For a Wired internet connection or LAN version of the monitor, a 1m (3 feet 3.4 inches) USB cable is provided. Basically, everything you need to get the Hades Sump Monitor up and running and protecting your basement as quickly as possible, is included. (Please note that due to variances in electrical sockets between regions,you will need to fit is a suitable mains electricity plug, that’s all that’s missing!). Full installation guides are included but if you need to access them again just go to the Info for Installers page.

How does the Hades Sump Monitor technology work?

The pinpoint accurate sensor supplied with the Hades Sump Monitor takes constant readings of the distance to the top of water in the sump, you can view these live water levels on your chosen device anytime you wish. This data is recorded, analysed and interpreted by the Hades software and the owner or end user will then receive notifications and alerts if the monitor and background software identifies ‘exceptions’ to normal pumping activity or high-water levels. It even sends alerts when there is loss of power, when other monitors cease to operate. See sample alerts and data here.

Why is a Hades Sump Monitor different from other sump pump alarms on the market?

Most sump monitors and Sump alarms available only do one thing; send an alert or sound an audible alarm when a predetermined water level has been reached or when the sensor detects moisture. At this point it’s too late to take any preventative action as flooding is imminent or has already occurred. Because the Hades Sump Monitor constantly records and analyses water levels and long-term changes in pump discharge rates, it can predict pump failure and subsequent flooding before it occurs. You will receive instant alerts when a problem is detected, allowing time to take remedial or preventative action. the Hades Sump Monitor can also aid pump servicing and maintenance decisions, as it continually measures how hard your pump is working. See some examples of alerts and live data transmitted here.

How can the Hades Sump Monitor act as an ‘early warning system’ against flooding? 

The Hades Sump Monitor brings innovation and security to property owners by transmitting live data from the basement sump or other monitoring area, to your phone, tablet or PC. The background software features data analytics which analyse pump activity and can predict pump failure before it’s too late. You will receive an instant alert when the system detects a problem or ‘unusual activity’ which may later cause an issue in your sump. You’ll also be notified of other nasty surprises such as power cuts. Here’s some examples of the data you will be able to view.  The Hades Sump Monitor gives you peace of mind because you will always know about a problem in your sump long before it causes flooding; preventing damage to your property and disruption to your family or business. One less thing to worry about!

How easy is it to install the Hades Sump Monitor?

The Hades Monitor has been designed to be very quick and easy to install, visit our Installation page for more information and useful videos. You simply plug the monitor box into the mains electricity, mount the sensor over the water and connect it to the monitor box with the cable provided. Join the monitor to the local internet network through the USB cable provided or directly through a wifi connection. Once connected to the power and internet you can register and commission your monitor by logging into After you’ve provided your details on the registration page, simply follow the on-screen instructions to get your monitor up and running in minutes. Any technical problems you might have along the way just live-chat with us, give us a call on our technical helpline +44 (0) 7980 816512 or email us at and we’ll try and help as quickly as possible.

What if I don’t want to install the Hades Sump Monitor myself?

If any sort of installation or technical stuff is just not your bag and you’d like someone to install and commission the Hades Sump Monitor for you, we can recommend a Hades registered engineer to do this. Just get in touch with us providing the property/site details and we’ll connect you with an expert in your area.

Why do I need to sign up to a Hades subscription service? 

The Hades Sump monitor automatically measures and sends water level data 24/7 to Hades Monitor and Control Ltd (Hades MC) who manage the background monitoring service. Hades MC then analyse and interpret this data through their software and send alerts and notifications if the software detects any ‘exceptional activity’. The first years’ service is provided free of charge but must be renewed through an annual subscription of £25 (or local equivalent at the time of payment) every year thereafter. A reminder will be sent to the registered users email address annually. For more information visit our Your Subscription page.

What data can I see from the Hades Sump Monitor?

Offering exceptional accuracy at an outstanding price point, by installing the Hades Sump Monitor into your sump or any other area you wish to monitor groundwater, you can check on live water levels and pump activity at any time, from any device. You can logon to your account at to view:

  • Live pump discharge rates and total pump run times
  • Current live water levels in comparison to pump failure levels
  • Live water levels
  • Historic pump statistics
  • 48-hour pumping chart

See examples of Hades emergency alerts and data charts here>

The Hades Sump Monitor software records and analyses the data collected, sending alerts when it detects unusual pumping activity or exceptional events such as pump failure and power cuts.

When does the Hades Sump Monitor send alerts?

The Hades Sump Monitor send 3 types of alerts:

  • System alerts: These are received when the Hades background system has failed to receive a data transmission from the monitor, for a 5-minute period. The reason could be due to a loss in power or internet connectivity. In any event, it is important to make further checks on your system to ensure the pump is still operating correctly. It is possible for you to set personal preferences for Hades system disconnection alerts very easily through the ‘Manage Settings’ function after logging into to your account. Simply move the slider across to the desired notification time as pictured in the image below:
  • Non-emergency alerts: These are received when the water level has exceeded the operational level of pump 1, in a 2-pump dewatering system.
  • Emergency alerts: These alerts are received when the water level has exceeded the operational level of pump 2 in a 2-pump system and pump 1 in a single sump system.

For all the notifications outlined above, the system will send alerts first to the owner, and then nominated emergency contacts until any recipient acknowledges the alert or until four notifications have been sent to each recipient and no one has responded. A log of all alerts, whatever the reason for them, are kept within the Sump monitor’s control panel.

Can I have other people receive alerts from my Hades monitor?

When you register a Hades Sump Monitor, the owner of the Hades Sump Monitor will automatically receive an SMS and an email asking them to create an account, at this point you can nominate up 4 people in addition to the owner to receive emergency alerts. The owner must ensure that nominated contacts are informed that their details have been entered into the monitoring system and that as nominated contacts they fully understand what to do in the event of an alert being received by them.

What if I don’t have a strong enough internet connection to use the Hades Sump Monitor?  

The Hades Sump Monitor is supplied with either wired or Wifi internet connectivity. To function correctly; the Hades Sump Monitor must have a permanent, stable and reliable Wifi internet connection. If the Wifi or internet connection is weak, unreliable or unstable at the position of the monitor box, you will need to improve the quality of the signal or move the monitor box to a better position.  The Hades Monitor can be further adapted for more remote areas with very weak or no internet connectivity by adding a 3G/4G wifi dongle which can be purchased from . Please contact us for further information.

How near to my sump or pumping station does the Hades Sump Monitor have to be fitted?

The sensor which is supplied with the Hades Sump Monitor comes with a 5m (16 feet 4.8 inches) cable as standard so the monitor box must be located within 5m (16 feet 4.8 inches) of the pump chamber/sump or monitoring area. We can supply additional sensor cable if you need to mount the panel further away from the pump chamber/sump or monitoring area. Simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to help.

Can I use the Hades Sump Monitor with a 1 pump or 2 pump drainage system?

The Hades Sump Monitor can be used with both 1 or 2 pump systems with pumping ranges right up to 4000mm. For a 2-pump system please ensure you position the sensor at least 100mm (3.9 inches) higher than the secondary pump activation point and there is a minimum of 40mm (1.6 inches) distance between operational levels for pump 1 and 2 as in the diagram below;

Can the Hades monitor be fitted outdoors? 

The Hades Sump Monitor has been designed for use indoors or in a suitable waterproof outdoor enclosure. Under no circumstances should the product be installed outdoors without suitable protection from both water and extreme temperatures. If you are planning to use the Hades Monitoring solution on a temporary site or in a remote location, we can supply a pre-built package and house it safely within a suitable feeder pillar. Contact us if you need further details.

What if I have a power cut or lose internet connection in the property the Hades Sump Monitor is supposed to protect? 

You will always know if there is a problem in your sump or monitoring area, even if there’s a power cut or loss of internet connection to your monitor. The Hades background service will advise owners by text message if the monitor does not send data to system servers for 5 minutes.  This alert may be generated by a power failure, an internet connection failure or a failure in the Hades Sump Monitor. The service will send messages to the owner first, and then nominated emergency contacts until it receives an acknowledgment. All disconnections, re-connections and notifications are logged within the owner’s and installer’s control panel. For more information on Hades emergency alerts and data transmissions, visit our Installation page.

What is the easiest way of waterproofing a basement or cellar?

Basement waterproofing is a specialist trade and should only be carried out by fully trained experts in this field who should advise you of the best course of action for your property. Most options for interior basement waterproofing involve the integration of a pumping system to empty any water collected in the area. The most widely used of these internal waterproofing solutions is a Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) system which utilizes drainage channels inside your basement to control the water that is entering and directs it to a sump where it is pumped out. Installing a Hades Sump Monitor into your sump can give additional protection against the risks of flooding where a pumping station is used to de-water a CDM system or on sites where active de-watering is required.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is one of the most important pieces of flood prevention equipment in properties and is most commonly used in basement waterproofing. It removes water that has accumulated in a water collecting basin or sump. The water may enter because of rain or natural groundwater and is funnelled via the perimeter drains of a basement waterproofing system such as a cavity drainage membrane system, into the sump. When the water in the sump reaches a certain level, it is pumped out to a municipal storm drain or similar suitable outlet. Installing a Hades Sump Monitor into the basement sump or pumping station provides additional protection against flooding as it monitors what’s going on in your sump 24/7 and its advanced technology can predict problems including pump failure, before they happen.

What can cause my basement sump pump to fail and stop protecting my basement?

Assuming there is not an issue with the power supply, sometimes the pump itself can fail for many reasons. Many inexpensive sump pumps are simply too small to handle the flow from a major downpour or rapid snow-melt and because inexpensive pumps are built with less durable materials, they lose pumping efficiency. As a result, the pump runs more often and burns out early, or the motor runs but the pump doesn’t eject water. Because the Hades Sump Monitor records and analyses long term pump cycle data as well as just the water level, it can predict pump failure before it’s too late to take action. It also notifies of those other nasty surprises which affect the sump pump like power cuts.

How can I stop my basement from flooding?

The key to preventing flooding in your basement,  is using an expert to carry out effective waterproofing work both interior and exterior.  From building efficient drainage at foundation stage to installing an effective de-watering solution such as a CDM system, there are many ways to help prevent the disruption of a flooded basement. If you live in a high-risk flooding area though, you may need to take more drastic action to protect your property. There is an array of flood control products currently available from the basics such as sandbags, right up to installing automatic flood doors and barriers. Installing the Hades Sump Monitor into your basement can add an extra element of flood protection, as it records and analyses data from your sump and sends notifications if it detects any unusual pump activity which in itself can be an indication of impending pump failure.

What depth can the Hades Sump Monitor work to?

The Hades Sump Monitor offers exceptional water monitoring capability at an outstanding price point and is supplied with a 500mm range sensor as standard. For other groundwater level monitoring such as in construction or temporary sites, we can provide a Hades Monitoring solution with a capability and millimetre-exact level readings across ranges from 50mm to 4000mm (19.6 inches to 13 feet 1.5 inches). Simply get in touch to find out more.

Can the Hades Sump Monitor be used with a sump pump battery back-up system?

Yes, the monitor can be used in conjunction with all types of sump pump battery backup systems and offers homeowners added protection and peace of mind, as it provides constant monitoring capability from inside the sump. When your sump pump fails it can cause disastrous consequences, so spending a little time and money on avoiding its failure is well worth it. A sump pump battery backup system will ‘kick in’ and continue to protect your basement if the primary pump fails or there is a loss of power. The Hades Sump monitor can be used in conjunction with these battery backup systems and will provide owners and service engineers with a maximum level of visibility on your sump activity including alerting you when the backup system is in use. See how our instant alerts can work for you.

How often should I service my sump pump?

Most sump pump installers and engineers recommend that you arrange for your pump to be serviced at least once a year. This way any issues with your pump should be detected prior to them becoming a major issue. But this timescale doesn’t really take into account how hard the pump in your basement is working. If it’s only pumping out a couple of times a month it won’t need servicing as often as those sump pumps which pump out numerous times in an hour. The Hades Sump Monitor will aid servicing and maintenance decisions as it records actual pump cycles and total pump run times, so can give homeowners and service engineers a much more accurate servicing schedule based on real usage. Actually, Hades can help on that too! just contact us to find out more.

Can I use a Hades Sump Monitor with my current pump or cavity drainage membrane system?

Yes, the Hades Sump Monitor can be easily installed to an existing pumping station or Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) system. You simply connect the monitor to the main electricity supply and mount the sensor over the existing sump area. Once you’ve logged into register the monitor and provided the requested information you will be able to follow the on-screen commissioning instructions to activate your monitor in a matter of minutes. Visit our Installation page for more information. It couldn’t be simpler to give your existing basement waterproofing system maximum flood protection.

Is the Hades Sump Monitor compatible outside the UK?

The Hades Sump Monitor and the background data which runs the alert system is compatible anywhere outside the UK and Europe. The only thing you have to do before installing and commissioning your Hades Sump monitor is fit a compatible electrical plug to connect it to the mains electricity. Once you’ve done that, it’s ready to go to work in protecting your basement wherever in the world you may be. All the measurements you’ll need for installation are in imperial as well as metric and all times (on the alerts etc) are local.

Do you offer worldwide shipping for purchases from outside the UK?

We can ship any of the Hades MC products to anywhere in the world using UPS shipping services. When you have added items to your cart/basket in you can click on the drop-down field to ‘Estimate Shipping and Taxes’ to select and apply your chosen shipping method. The UPS Saver service tends to be the best value international service and delivery should be received by the end of the following business day. If you have any queries on shipping quotes and times, please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer after-sales service and customer care outside the UK?

You can call our technical helpline on +44 (0) 798 081 6512, live-chat with us or email us at if you have any queries regarding installation or issues with commissioning your Hades Sump Monitor and we will endeavour to get you the assistance you need as soon as possible. If you are in the USA and Canada, we are currently working with a number of partners in the waterproofing sector and can put you in touch with these if you require some hands-on assistance or installation support.

What’s the warranty on the Hades Sump Monitor?

When you purchase a Hades product, it includes a 12-month component guarantee. If within the guarantee period of a product any defect is discovered in respect of workmanship, construction or material, we will repair the defect or replace the defective part at our expense inside normal working hours at the company’s premises providing written notice is given immediately the defect is discovered and that, if required by us, the part or complete system is returned to the company’s premises carriage paid. Spares or repaired parts are delivered ex works exclusive of fitting. The guarantee does not apply to defects caused by incorrect installation, abnormal conditions of working, accidents, misuse or neglects. Our responsibility is in all cases limited to the cost of making good the defect or replacing the defective part at the company’s premises inside normal working hours. The company excludes all liability for any consequential or other damage or losses which may occur. If you need more information visit our Warranty page or simply get in touch with us.